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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bentley GT Continental GTV8

A few weeks ago now I was invited to spend the day with Automotive Journalist Carlton Boyce at Milbrook Proving ground in Bedford. What a fantastic day it was too!
I will be posting more work from the day but the images that have had the most attention are the series I done on the new Bentley GT Continental GTV8. What a machine! There is just something about the car, I was expecting it to feel a bit like an old mans car, something that I might one day own and only use when I couldn't be bothered to use my free OAP buspass. But its not like that at all.

The interior is beautiful,  and something that I wasn't expecting, quite sporty! Although they have kept the prestige feel to it by including some lovely little push and pull air vent knobs, and the little dash clock. I could certainly feel at home behind the wheel!

The trouble with the car is, if I did own one, I don't think it would be very long before I crashed it. This isn't down to the 4 litre, twin turbo, 500bhp engine, but because I would spend every second I was driving it looking in the wing mirror at its beautifully crafted rear quarter panel!

Anyway, here are a few more of my favourite pictures from the shoot.

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