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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

James Neale photography is giving everyone an early christmas present!

Getting Married in 2011-2012?
Have a free engagement shoot on us!

Wanting some professional portraits of your family?
Autumn/Winter lifestyle portrait sessions are now free too!

If your getting married in the next two years and your looking for a wedding photographer what better way to see how we work than to have a free engagement shoot with us. We could sit down and show you photos of other couples that we have taken, but why do that when we could do it with images of yourselves. And to make this offer even better, if you decide to book us for your wedding, we will even give you free stunning prints from the day!

Looking for that something special as a gift this year? then why not take advantage of a free Autumn/Winter lifestyle portrait session and give that special someone a stunning print from your day! It could be a family portrait, just your children, couples, we can cater for everyone!

So why not get in touch and book yours now! call James on 07833491550 this is a limited time offer so get in quick!

If you know someone who may also be interested one of the offers, why not pass the message onto them.


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